Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Two Original “WET INK” Notes Discovered in Same Foreclosure Case – Beth Cottrell JPMorgan Chase Team – 18,000 Documents a Month!

As the writer of this post states, we have had our suspicions of fraudulently created original "wet ink" notes as well - especially when the note is lost for 6-18 months, then suddenly appears and is presented to the Court, or where we get multiple copies of the purported same allonge but the endorsements are in different places, sometimes the allonges are even on different bank letterheads (!)(First National Bank of Arizona / Nevada).

As noted in the story, GMAC has referred to this in court as a "technical" problem.  No, it is not.  It is blatant fraud.  Yet, when we have presented this evidence in court, often the case was dismissed as the Court asserts that the homeowner cannot file a suit and raise the issue on a "suspicion."  A suspicion?  Really?  This is how you catch people when they commit fraud - you have a good faith basis to assert they are committing fraud, you sue, you investigate, and maybe its true, maybe its not, but you get to find out because the court wants to know (or it should).

We stay hopeful that the approach of the courts to these documents (fraudulent assignments, allonges and endorsements on notes) continues to shift towards justice.

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