Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ohio Judges Halt Foreclosure Proceedings In Fraud Search

Judges are beginning to force the banks to follow the same laws the rest of us have to follow .... read about Judges in Ohio HERE

FCIC Report Misses Central Issue: Why Was There Demand for Bad Mortgage Loans? the benefits for originating bad loans exceeded the cost of these negative consequences

"The introduction of a standardized contract on credit default swaps in the mortgage related market (which took place in June 2005….notice the timing relative to when the really bad mortgage issuance took off?) allowed interested parties to bet against the mortgage market in a remarkably efficient manner – through the use of CDOs."

BINGO!!!  Read this excellent post at Naked Capitalism HERE 

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Report - a lot to read

Check out this LINK to stories on the FCIC report.  No surprise the FCIC came down on party lines, with democrats blaming ta greedy unethical financial industry and Republicans blaming government owned Fannie and Freddie.

Jodie Allen rhetorically asks? Who's Really to Blame for the Housing Crisis? And she has the right answer

Read it HERE

Republican Amnesia on the Financial Crisis

Miller has it right, read about it HERE

Rep. Brad Miller: Mortgage Crisis Won't Be Solved Until Banks Are Forced To Help

Read it HERE

HAMP program is not working for families trying to stay in their homes - more were kicked from the program than were helped, resulting in foreclosure for many

HAMP program woes